I’ve always equated summer with wearing flats. And when I can pull out the flats, that means summer is soon here! What a simple relationship. And I love it. I may quite clumsy in my flats at times (yes… sadly) but I gotta love how simple yet elegant they can look.

I literally wore my last pair of flats until they had to be certified due to the huge gaping hole at the back of the heel. The new flats I bought were very pretty, however, I did not put much thought into the fit of the shoe despite having a class on “proper fitting shoes” in one of my OT classes… oops.

I love the look of the grass by the way! It’s so gorgeous to just take some time and observe some of the things we may neglect in our day to day lives. And I realized how insignificant one step can be in relation to everything else around us… and how many steps we take in our shoes to get to places where we need to go…

And as with everything else, we often don’t realize how blessed we are to be able to walk.

::So go ahead, and don’t be afraid to take that step and do whatever you want!::