Lately, I’ve been noticing something. Perhaps it’s just the people around me who are the exception, or simply that I’m just looking too deep into things. My friend and I had a conversation recently about how guys have become overly sensitive to the point where they almost seem girly. Don’t get me wrong (for all those guys out there), I’m not saying it’s a bad thing or that it’s even wrong to be sensitive. Heck, I would prefer a guy to be sensitive. Just, not overly sensitive. But then again, “overly sensitive” is all relative.

There have been guys in my life who have been rather sensitive; even to the point where I find myself feeling more like the guy in the friendship. It’s cute that a guy would notice small little details about a girl, but it’s another thing to get upset about every little word someone says.

Perhaps it’s just me and those double standards that I have– the concept that girls should be more emotional than the guys and that it can’t be the other way around. Who knows.