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Aside from the beautiful lawns and calm streets, another reason why I love living where I am now is because of the people. 

Every time I go out for a morning jog, there is always someone out there who passes by and gives me a nice friendly smile or a cheerful “good morning!”. And it makes me realize what a wonderful neighborhood I am in. As the city is getting bigger and people are getting busier, it is easier for everyone to get angered more easily. And because of that, we lose the essence of what once made us such a great place to live in- the friendly people.

A couple years ago, some family friends came to stay with us from Hong Kong, and I remember that they were absolutely shocked to find that people actually make the effort to say “hello” to you while walking down the streets. Back in Hong Kong though, people would simply go through their day to day life without noticing the people around them because they were too busy with their own life.

Although it may seem like a simple gesture, a simple “hello” or a friendly smile can definitely go a long way.

And you never know, that smile or that simple “hello” may even go about to brighten someone’s miserable day.

::So go ahead and show that beautiful smile of yours because someone out there needs it::  =].