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Along with the newest success of our wonderful fruit tarts, we can now add the chocolate almond torte! We took the recipe from JoyofBaking again, but this time, unlike the fruit tarts, we did not have a video to follow. My baking buddy and I did not know what the difference was between a torte and a cake was, so we decided to resort to Google for that answer. And the answer is— Tortes do not use flour! This wonderful torte was purely made from grounded sliced almonds! We forgot to roast them though before grinding them, so perhaps that might have made a difference. Despite that though, I must say it turned out wonderfully. The cracks came out so beautifully (which it’s supposed to have), unlike the macarons that we made last time. The best part was was that the outside was crisp, yet the inside remained moist and soft. And on top of that, it wasn’t too chocolately nor too sweet!

If you guys absolutely love chocolate, this is a definite must try. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than baking in the kitchen with your friends? So go ahead and indulge! That’s what we’ve been doing all summer! Next on our list? Lemon cupcakes with raspberry icing and fondant!