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I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be that snowman stuck in the snow globe, forever in a world full of beauty and perfection. Unfortunately though, our lives are not as simplistic as what it appears. Each of us has a different story, but it’s up to that person whether or not they want their story to be told.

If I could, I would wish that I could freeze every little happy moment in my life, so that when times are tough, I can simply take those happy memories to wash away the negative. But if only life was like that… But I think that’s why I always have a camera close by, so that I can capture the essence of that moment. That way, that moment can always be treasured. And it can always be admired…

It’s funny how your brain works. A picture is worth a 1000 words. When you look back on your pictures, it instantly brings back memories, whether they are happy or sad. It brings back the feelings of what you had once felt, and how it makes you feel at that instance. It makes you ponder about the past, the present, the future… all the what if’s in life.

Pictures remind us of what we once were in life. Of what we once had, and what we once felt. And it relates back to the present, of who we are now. Maybe it’s that special someone who got away… or that loved who who silently left you, turning your world upside…

No matter what or who, the picture is the essence of that one moment you wished to capture… and it’s exactly what you did. It’s forever with you, and just like the snow globe, it’s ever perfectly kept and contained. Your simple, beautiful world.

I dare you– translate your life into still photographs… to make your beautiful story out of photos, of both the good and bad. Because without the bad, the good isn’t as valuable and breathtaking.

Photos speak for themselves. They require no words at all. Simple, yet beautiful.