My friend recently put up this article on her facebook page, and when I read it, I was absolutely appalled. Here, i’ll give you guys the link to it so you guys can take a read


It’s talking about how the Asian girls in Toronto aren’t as “good looking” compared to the rest of the other races out there and they list a few reasons of why this might be the case. The issue here is not about the Asian population, nor the location…The issue is this- why do people nowadays put so much emphasis on outward appearances? Yes, perhaps it might be the person’s hair, or their clothing that might attract you at first glance, but is it really the -most- important thing?!

It just frustrates me to hear when people talk about someone’s appearance when they haven’t even had a chance to get to know that person’s personality.

Sometimes even I find myself guilty of this too, and it’s so hard not to give in, especially with the media and other people around you acting as such big influences in life. But then I think back to the one song “From the Inside Out” (which is an absolutely beautiful song by Hillsong) and it grounds me back to reality again. The most important thing is not the outward appearance, but rather how you are on the inside. And you know what, my thought is this: that if you are beautiful on the inside, it will glow from the inside out, and everyone will see that. So don’t try to be someone you are not, but rather just be yourself. Since that’s what you know how to do best. So go out there and shine from the inside out, because people will definitely see it. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.