Today, thousands of Canadians say goodbye to a well-respected man. For me, it was a slight shock because it was only a month ago since he had publicly announced his leave of absence, but he assured us that he would be back by September. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and since then, a new cancer had emerged, which resulted in him having to step down for a bit.

When I read about his passing this morning, I felt like I had lost someone I knew… but I didn’t even know him personally. I was never really into politics, and there may have been some people who might not have seen eye to eye in terms of what he did or his beliefs, but there’s one thing that is obvious and something we cannot deny- and that’s his passion for helping others, for being that voice of the marginalized… his passion for everything he did in life. There is no doubt that he has helped to shape Canada in a way that us Canadians will never forget… and it’s people like him we will never forget.

May you rest in peace, Jack Layton. You will always be remembered. Thank-you for all your hard efforts in helping to better shape Canada.