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Despite the fact that summer is soon coming to an end, it is never too late to bake a delectable treat… like the zesty lemon raspberry cupcake! At first we were so flustered in terms of which recipe we wanted to use, because one of them called for buttermilk. After watching youtube videos of how they make buttercream, we steered clear from that. It looks delicious, but just too fattening! Ha. It is August healthy challenge month for me after all! But of course, that won’t stop me from baking! Anyways, I love lemon, and this cupcake was just right. We added zest from one huge lemon along with another teaspoon of lemon extract, which was the perfect combination. Then there was the frosting. We had slight troubles with this one because it called for so many things like cream cheese, butter, icing sugar. However, after some thinking, we decided to cut down on the sugar and the butter… on everything… except for the cream cheese. Oops. That was my fault because I had put the whole 250 g of cream cheese in the mixture without thinking. And of course, the frosting came out to be a little too cream cheese-y. At first I honestly didn’t want to try the frosting because the consistency was a bit odd, but when it was topped with the lemon cupcake… it was just a match made in heaven. The cream cheese was still noticeable, but the raspberry flavor was absolutely delicious. The cupcake itself was zesty, but yet not too overpowering with lemon flavor. We took the lemon cupcake recipe from Joy of Baking, and it had called for a lemon filling in the middle, but we didn’t follow that part. It still tasted very good! It is a must try (what isn’t?!). Unfortunately though, in September I will be going back up North for school, so I think this is going to be my last blog (until Christmas) when it comes to baking. I’m sorry! But you guys must continue baking for my sake! Keep it up! =). Until then, I’m just going to have to look up more savory recipes so that we can bake them when I come back for Christmas holidays! Happy eating everyone!