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I remember back in elementary, “best friend” was only coined to one, and only one, friend. You could never possibly have two best friends! Throughout the years, friends have come and gone, but there are always those special ones that stay with you. It makes me smile and laugh when us friends rehash the ways in how we met one another… and how we ultimately became best friends. It makes me sad and happy at the same time to keep counting the many years of our friendships. Why happy -and- sad you ask? Happy because the friendship has lasted for that long,  but sad because it makes me feel old! I’ve known one of my best friends since I was maybe 6 or 7? My mom used to baby-sit her, and so we would always play together. I remember she always got me in trouble by blaming things on me, and I even remember she ripped my doll head off! Now? We may not talk or see each other as much (since she has been busy with school/trying to find a job while I’m still at school elsewhere), but when we do talk, it’s like we picked up from where we last started. Which is amazing. And rare.

However, along with the many happy memories, attached to it are many not so happy memories. Let me tell you, high school was somewhat dramatic. My high school friends and I always found things to get mad about, or to talk about, and let’s just say… well, it wasn’t very happy. Of course, inevitable with girls right? But I think now, we’ve all gotten over those days. I mean, we can’t say they never happened, because they did. But the fact that our friendship is still strong says something. I think it’s because we’re more mature now (or so I hope!), and it’s just so rare nowadays to even find time for all of us to meet up amidst our hectic schedules. And when we do meet up? Just like high school days- well, not so much the gossip, but the laughing. Making fun of one another (in a good way of course!). And the reminiscing. Ahh.. the reminiscing.

Regardless, my friends mean a lot to me, and despite the times when I’ve almost wanted to give up on them, I never did. And I’m glad that I didn’t. They’ve grown with me… and it’s because of them that I am who I am today. People always told me that I would find my best friends in high school, and they were right. Then there are the occasional times when you find one along the way after you’re done high school. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

It’s funny how TVB (Chinese shows) can be such an easy topic to befriend people with. It initially started off with small talk about which actress/actor we favored the most, and slowly, we talked about more random and personal things. Who ever knew in a matter of one (or two) years, that this friendship had blossomed into such a strong one. It was so different than the rest of my friendships, as the ‘foundation’ for it had not been built upon gossip. It was genuine. It was… different.

I am so blessed to have her as my best friend. She is always (and I mean always) there for me when I need someone to talk to… she does it so well. And it makes me feel guilty that when she’s talking about her technical programing stuff, I just stare blankly pretending to understand and some-what listen. But there’s also one thing she’s really bad at— for always blaming herself when our friendship goes awry. When I get irritated at her, she only blames herself, when in fact, it’s my fault. She’s too nice like that. She keeps telling me “Steph, I can never get mad at you… you know that”. That’s when I knew I found that needle in a haystack. I finally found that friend who would literally stick with me until the end. And she has. She has always been there for me. Through thick and thin. Even during the times when I was irritated at her. We talk about anything and everything, and it’s amazing how we still have so much to say despite the fact that we talk every day. Yes. Every day.

I remember at one point in time, she commented on the silences we had in-between conversations. But personally, I think having silence and accepting silence is important in friendship. To me, it means that I’m comfortable enough with that person to not have to think of anything to say… to not need to say every little thing.

It’s amazing how time can strengthen (or break) a friendship. Even though I’ve been away for school for a year, it’s like we were never separated. I think one of the most important things I’ve learned from her is that a friendship takes two people to make it work. I’ve always been the kind of friend to let the other person do the initiating, but I’ve slowly started to learn how to be the latter rather than the former.

I love how we can talk about anything and absolutely everything. From something so stupid and silly to things that are more serious and complicated. I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me. You don’t know how much this friendship means to me, and honestly, I am so blessed to have met you. Trying to find a best friend really is trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s so rare, but never give up… because you’ll eventually find it =). I know I did.