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I’m pretty sure everyone can relate when I say that life can be just a little stressful at times. In psychology, we learned that there’s essentially “two personality types”- Type A, who is always on the go, likes to do things quickly and then there’s Type B, who is more relaxed, and lenient with time. Which one suits you more? For me… I would like to say a mixture of the two, but I’m sure I lean more towards the former. I can eat dinner in a matter of minutes, I am always trying to juggling to do two or more things at once (go multi-tasking!), I walk at a fast pace, and I feel like I need to get things done A.S.A.P (well, okay maybe not so much when it comes to my school work and projects…).

Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to juggle so many things on my plate that it causes a system overload. For example, I write a bunch of “to do” lists, but instead of actually getting down to business and putting it into action, I cannot help but just stare at the words and huge amounts of “to do” lists in front of me… and get overwhelmed. I feel like I’m going nowhere. And I’m lost.


As you all know, I’m reading One Thousand Gifts, and I’m nearly 2/3 done. Let me update you guys! It’s amazing. I know I said that even from the beginning, but it truly is. Her words are so inspiring… so touching. That’s all I can say. I cannot even do justice to the book. You guys must read it for yourselves to truly understand what I mean. She does not use any elaborate words, or anything extravagant. Instead, she uses simple words, strings them together, and somehow… it’s like poetry. It flows so well… so eloquently and so beautifully.

I love how she touches nearly almost every problem I’m facing in life. And one big one that I could definitely relate to (and you guys could as well) is… stress and just being too busy in life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the little things in life that you may get too overwhelmed and feel like you just don’t have enough time to do other stuff. No matter how many lists I make up, or no matter how organized I am, I end up getting caught in the tangles of the web that I created for myself. But I found that the author raised a good point- it’s not that we don’t have enough time… but it’s simply because we’re not using the time enough. She goes on to say how it is in Thanksgiving where we get time. It’s by living in the moment of God, where we receive even more of those moments. We need to simplify our hectic lives… which is by giving Thanks. Definitely easier said than done! Right now, it’s still summer, and so it’s easier to make that ‘one thousand gifts’ list… but how about when September comes around the corner and I get swamped with school work (which will probably happen in the first 2 days)?! How will I be able to maintain that mindfulness when I’m sleep deprived and rushing to complete my school project for the next day? Practice makes perfect. I must remind myself of that. I really do hope that when school starts up again, I will remember. If only things were as easy as it seems.

On a side note, I’ve started up my ‘one thousand gifts’ and let me tell you… it’s harder than it seems. Slowly but surely though. It might take me a while, but I’m having a blast doing it. I never realized how the little things can be so simple… yet so beautiful… These past few days, I find myself smiling randomly throughout the day (I really hope no one thought  I was crazy) and taking the simple things and transforming it into something more. You guys should try it! Take a few minutes out of your day to just have some alone time, and just look around you… and maybe you’ll realize just how beautiful simplicity is. How easy it is. So go out there and enjoy! =).