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Another summer vacation has come and gone. Time really flies when you’re having fun. Actually, time flies in general. These 4 months have gone by extremely fast, and I wish I could slow it down somehow…

This summer, we went to the Golden state of California— Palm Springs! We stayed in a quaint little resort called “La Quinta Resort”. If you’re the kind of person who likes having their own little pool right in front of their room, and like the whole relax setting, this is definitely for you. 

Right when we stepped off the plane, we could immediately tell the difference. The humidity, the heat, the scorching sun on our skin,  the magnificent palm trees, the clear blue sky, the beautiful mountains… what more could I ask for? It was absolutely stunning and it left me wondering “God, why are you so beautiful?” 

Every morning, at around 8 or 9, we would go out for a nice swim in our ‘private’ pool. I say private pool because the pool was shared with 4 other rooms, but no one ever used it but us. In the mornings, it was already a blazing 31 degrees, which was amazing because sadly, from where I am, we never get that kind of lovely weather!

Palm Springs definitely did live up to it’s name of being relaxing and beautiful. The first thing I realized was that the roads may sometimes be a bit confusing. Although I did find that drivers down there are very very patient and kind. I didn’t hear a single horn go off by other drivers, despite the fact that we may have occasionally driven 40 mph in a 50 or 60 zone (my dad is notorious for that by the way). Perhaps it was the touristic nature of the city which made the people who worked in restaurants and shopping malls very friendly (that, or maybe it’s because I’ve always had a mindset that people who worked in those places were mean and indifferent).

When it comes to family vacations, it definitely does not come short of a few laughs and frustrations. My mom is known to be a Type A personality (maybe that’s where I got it from), but she was the one who was always anxious, especially when it came to going to the airport, finding our gate, etc. Then there’s my dad who’s the total opposite, Type B, where he walks slow, and wanders around (without informing us) while the 3 of us try to find where he went off to. Then there’s my brother, who had 2nd doubts about coming with us to Palm Springs, and kept getting frustrated with my dad and his driving (but hey, I don’t blame him haha). Then there’s me. Hrm. I might be a little biased on this one, but I think this time around, I was less anxious, and I tried (keyword tried) to be less frustrated with my parents. There were times when I wanted to smack them silly. But of course, when you look at it in retrospect, they’re times to laugh about. Which is exactly what we did.

Traveling with my family can stir up a few moments that will always be memorable. My dad can be super embarrassing at times, but it’s always because of that which causes a lot of laughs. For instance, we were sitting down eating lunch and I was telling them how I wanted to go snorkling. My mom gave a weird expression, because she didn’t exactly know what it was. Then my dad turns to my mom and goes “Snoring. Do you even know what that is? It’s not -that- kind of snoring like sleeping, but the other snoring. You know?” And it was so hilarious because he said it with such a straight face and didn’t even realize that he wasn’t even right. Haha. It’s even more funny because he keeps reiterating that he got TOEFL of 600 (since he came from HK he had to write that English exam). Anyways, another funny story is when we were at the premium outlets and he was looking at cheap sandals. He saw those sandals that had the velcro and the 2 straps at the front. Anyways, he asked us if people wear socks with them, and I said “ew, no, please… don’t”. But he clearly wasn’t satisfied with my answer, so he went up to the sales associate, and with a straight face (yet again), he asks “I have a question… [holds up the sandals to show him]… do you wear socks with these?” And I cannot understand how the sales associate did it, but with a straight face, he honestly replied, “Well, uh, yeah, I guess you could… You could do anything with them really if you wanted to”. And that’s when my mom and I stared at each other and laughed our heads off. My dad is definitely the clown in the family without evening knowing it.

Since coming back, I am proud to say that I now truly understand and appreciate the presence of air conditioning when it’s 44 degrees outside. Despite the humidity and the blazing heat, I still miss the weather.  I miss the thin, beautiful palm trees towering over us and the gorgeous close up mountain scenery. Sadly, another vacation has come and gone, and now, sadly, it’s time to get back to reality. Where has the time gone?! I hope all of you had a great summer as well =).

Here’s one of the places which took my breath away. It was along the way to the Premium Outlet. Along the highway, there were a bunch of windmills neatly lined up, all spinning simultaneously. I was just in awe. Amazing.