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Aside from the stress of another school year coming just around the corner, it’s the fact that moving in to res is a pain in the butt. It’s even harder when you realize how much crap you have. I honestly did not think I had that much… until my dad brought back all the things I had from storage! I had tons of boxes filled with my kitchen appliances, and 2 big bags of clothes (which I got them to drive back home).

My dad and my brother were responsible for building the things (bookshelf, desk, and bed); my mom organized and cleaned the kitchen appliances and cooking things; while I was responsible for unpacking all the boxes and placing them where they neatly belonged. I see people who can move in with just one other person or even without anyone’s help. Can you please tell me, how can you do that?! I need to learn from you.

My room this year is the same layout, however, except for having hardwood flooring, I have carpet instead. It actually looks pretty nice, and I think it actually makes the room look slightly bigger!

I can pretty much say that I’m settled and it looks very tidy (for now! Give it a couple days). So that’s pretty much what we did this weekend. It took quite a bit of effort, but we’re done!

Last year at this time, I was so scared and excited to live on my own. But i think the worst part of it was having to say good-bye to my family. There were tears of course, because I’ve never been away from home for school before. And this year? Well, there weren’t any tears shed, but of course, deep inside there was. It’s hard after having been living with them again in the summertime. I have to get accustomed to cooking on my own again. It’s times like this where you appreciate every little thing you had without even realizing it.

Oh yes, and there’s one thing I don’t have with me, which I will greatly miss. Having a camera right beside me all the time. Sadly, I did not bring my camera up here, so if there are going to be any pictures posted, it’s going to be from my cell phone! I’m sorry!