I nearly had a panic attack today. Okay, not nearly. I did. Surprisingly, this is the first time. Yes, I lost my wallet. Only having moved in to my residence for a day, I have already lost something. The worst thing to lose is honestly your wallet and your cell phone.

This morning, I went to drop off my tuition cheque at the student administration office, and then quickly headed off to another part of the campus to sort out my paper work regarding student loans. I then went back home to watch some TV and eat lunch, and it was only when I wanted to go out again that I had discovered my bag was short of something- my wallet. I looked absolutely everywhere for my wallet in my room. My bed, my desk, underneath the paperwork from this morning, my drawers, even my fridge and my oven (because well, you never know). Anyways, I had no luck. Amidst all this panic, I had realized “Stephanie… you need to -trust- in Him.” Okay, but honestly, at a time like this, how can I even stop to think about my missing wallet and just trust in Him? I’m sorry… but I was too worried to do that.

I then decided to go back to the tuition office (even though I thought to myself ‘okay I don’t think I was that stupid to leave it there after dropping off my cheque…’). I waited in line, and I contemplated on calling the number to report a missing credit card, since well, who knows if someone will use it to ring up their textbooks or something. But then the word popped into my head again; ‘trust’. And somehow, while I was waiting in line, I had felt this relief… like everything would be okay. That everything would be settled for itself. It was finally my turn to arrive at the front desk, and I saw it. I asked the lady if someone had found a wallet and she asked me how it looked like. Finally! I was right! Well not about the fact that I was stupid enough to leave it there, but I was right in the sense that everything would be alright. In the end, I had found my wallet. In the end, nothing was stolen. Thank you!

It makes me wonder… if I can’t trust Him when I lost my wallet, how am I suppose to put faith and trust in Him when things get even worse?…