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Hurrah to my last first day of school (hopefully)!!! It feels like I never left. That’s sad, but it just felt like there was never that summer gap in-between the end of my placement and now. They weren’t joking when they said that time is going to fly by in this program. Although school just started today, I feel like in a blink of an eye, we’re going to be going off to our next Level 2 Placement!

So there I was sitting at my desk today, thinking of how what we need to do this year, and it came to me… The realization that we only have 18 weeks left of school in our program! Can you believe it?! 18 weeks?! And then in class today, our professor mentioned something about how “In 11 months, you’ll all be applying for jobs” and my jaw nearly dropped. I’m sorry… but what? 11 months? Before finding a -real- job?! I don’t even know what a job means. I mean, I can barely fend for myself… and in about a year or so, I’m going to be finding a job? That just seems… unreal.

Okay, now I must try to get back into School Mode (was I ever really in that mode to begin with?!). Hope you all had a great first day of school too!