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It’s funny how I’ve only been back to school for one week now, yet, it feels like I’ve been in school for the past month! So how is this semester so far? Let’s just say that I can’t sleep in until 10 AM anymore (which is what I did last winter semester). But, on the other hand, there are fewer group projects (yay!), but more report writing (with a partner).

There are fewer practical courses this year, however, there is this one class called “the intentional use of self” which seems very intriguing. We talk about different situations that we may find ourselves in in the future, and how to interact with the client in those situations. 

I won’t bore you all with all the course content/material, however, this year is definitely going to be more than just theory. It’s more practical, which is good. However, we do have another OSCE and more work with standardized patients, so I’m slightly nervous about that!

On a side note, I finally went to the Duchess bakery!!! Let me say, they have amazing macarons, but they’re slightly on the smaller side when it comes to size. I had the havarti tomato and basil sandwich, the lychee macaron, and finally, the duchess. The latter was very filling and slightly too sweet for my taste, but it was very good nonetheless. I am definitely craving more of the sandwich and macaron! I must master making macarons…. one day… one day…

Thank goodness this bakery isn’t too too close to my residence, or else I would be making frequent pit stops along the way! Sweets are too tempting…

Anyways, this week I missed my alarm for my 8 AM class. I literally didn’t hear it ring. I feel sorry for my neighbors because I’m sure they heard it. Oops. Did I tell you I have a brain anatomy coloring book?! It takes forever to color! But lots of readings to do and lots of things I should probably start doing… okay… now to stop watching TV shows and get back to school study mode…. (if I ever even had it in me!)