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I think for me, the biggest pet peeve would have to be people who are inconsiderate. My friend and I were having a discussion at Tim Hortons until 2 AM over things like this actually. It’s amazing how one topic can lead into such a discussion, and ultimately, both of us came to the realization of how similar we actually are.

Maybe it’s just my high expectations of friendships. Of course there’s the “treat people like you would be treated”, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen in all instances of human interaction. For example, I met this one girl, and we were getting along really well, and we were somewhat close (considering we just met a couple months ago), and occasionally I would ask if she needed to go to the grocery store with us (since we had a car). Anyways, she would go “no, I’m busy right now, but hey, since you’re going could you get me this? I’ll pay you back.” And it would happen regularly. That’s when it kind of struck me that perhaps she wasn’t investing as much time and effort into this friendship as I was.

And there was another thing that really bugged me. And actually, just in general it bugs me. And that’s people who send generic text messages to more than one person at a time. The typical “hey how’s it going =)” text that pops up on your phone. Don’t get me wrong, those are cute little messages that I really appreciate from friends, but not when I realize that it’s been sent to 10 other people. The “how are you” or “how’s it going” has slowly evolved into 3 simple words that is said out of boredom rather than truly wanting to know how the person is doing. It just shows how they’re clumping all the friendships together… or the fact that they’re bored and wants to see who is willing to take time to answer that text message. Instead of truly wanting to hang out with someone because you want to get to know them more, or to catch up, it has become something that’s more selfish… something to do because you’re bored.

As if that wasn’t the breaking point, she would often say things like “I don’t know. I just don’t feel like I’m getting out as much here. I feel like I’m not as social as before. I want to make more friends. To know more people.” Maybe she might not have meant anything by those sentences except what she literally said, but if you know me, I absolutely analyze every little detail. To the point where I over analyze. But from those sentences it seemed to me like our friendship was just a “stepping stone” to get to better things. That it was just temporary until she found another group of friends. Which, sadly, is exactly what happened. Is it because I value friendship too much? That I expect too much out of a friendship? I mean, I shouldn’t give it up if that’s something I value right? But it’s just so rare to find someone with the same mentality as me…