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Since living away from home, I have grown accustomed to having different staple foods every month/semester. Last year, I was into the greens and salmon. I was also into the Chinese tofu fish cooked with zucchini. And this year… my diet has only consisted of carbohydrates. I know I know… I should eat a healthier, balanced diet, but you can never go wrong with pasta!!!! It’s so easy to cook– just boil some water, put it in, and ta da! You have yourself a nice cooked meal =).

Recently though, I’ve been craving croissant sandwiches. Croissants are so good when they’re fresh! But not to mention… very very very buttery. Oh, and did you know that one croissant has a daily fat percentage of 37%?!?! That’s when I decided that perhaps croissants should -not- be on my staple foods list. Haha. But they’re so good…. gah! Another good snack food is Tim Horton’s! Their new special bagel (sundried tomato) is delicious! You guys definitely should give it a shot =).