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Yesterday I woke up in my own room, in my own bed, with the sun shining through the windows. And it felt wonderful. I looked outside the window,and the leaves are  beautifully scattered on the pavements. The weather is getting colder, yet somehow, the sunshine makes everything feel much better. So relaxing. So normal.

In the past few years, I have grown to appreciate this day more and more. Especially since last year, when I went away for school. I never truly understood or recognized how important this day was to me. A chance to gather with family around the dinner table… enjoying a simple meal together. Something that so often we take for granted, or even hard to accomplish with our busy lives. Being away from home has taught me just how much family means to me. I have learned to appreciate being around them more. A funny little story from yesterday… my parents picked us up at my Grandma’s house, and when we got in the car, the first thing they said was “As a graduation gift (or well not really gift), we think you should go to work somewhere international” I’ve heard of parents wanting to perhaps nudge their kids in the right direction (in terms of occupations/jobs) but I’ve never once heard of pushing their kids out of the country! I remember last year, my mom was holding back tears while saying good-bye to me for school, and now they’re actually telling me to go abroad to work?! But hey, I must admit, it would be an absolute experience of a lifetime, and something I am definitely open to considering .Anyways, I digress.

Tonight I am waiting to fill my stomach with the delicious turkey dinner my Grandma is going to make =). But of course, aside from the food, today is a day to just reflect on all the wonderful things that God has given us in the past year. And it made me recall the project that I’ve been trying to do. One thousand gifts. With school being so hectic and stressful, I’ve completely neglected taking time to just reflect on the small little things that have been presented to me… and I feel guilty. I know I need to invest more time… but the problem is finding that time. To make that time. For Him. Because giving thanks on just one day does not even compare because with all the things He has blessed us with, how is it possible to just use one day to say “Thank you”?

I hope all of you are having an amazing weekend filled only with happiness, joy, and laughter. Happy Thanksgiving =).