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It is never a surprise that when a new school term comes around, my immune system takes a little vacation and I get sick. However, it hasn’t happened in the last couple of years, which has been surprising. It wasn’t until I actually went home that I got sick- once in the summer of this year when I had my placement in the hospital and now, after I went home for Thanksgiving.

Regardless, being sick always sucks. I never realized how much better it felt to be sick at home than to be sick when you’re away from home. It’s not that I rely on my mother to do everything, but it’s just nice to have someone do that little something for you like make you chicken noodle soup (even if it’s from a can), or to make you hot ginger coke.

School is definitely not helping either. We’re nearing our semester so of course, we have assignments and quizzes that are coming up, and none of us really know what’s going on.

On another hand though, it’s beautiful how the leaves are all scattered on the ground! I cannot believe that October is almost half way over! Man, time flies!