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Last fall, I joined the art club which was brand new to our res. It was a nice little outlet because well, school is just too stressful, and who wants to do homework all the time?! I wouldn’t consider myself artistic because I never doodle, and when I draw, I’m not necessarily what I call ‘good’. Each class would be about 2 hours long, but the time seemed to fly by way too fast. Each class would somewhat be a continuation of the projects we were working on before– like drawing a cube (much harder than it sounds!), then we shaded it, and then we got to start our own drawing projects. We were told to bring a picture in of what we wanted to draw, so I brought in a tiger face. Drawing it wasn’t necessarily hard (minus getting the proportions and everything symmetrical), but rather, the coloring I found difficult. I never realized how many little strokes I needed to make before it actually seemed remotely “fur like”. However, I did find out that coloring eyes are very fun (and hard to blend in all the colors). I’ve been working on it for a while, but I still haven’t finished it yet! I hope to finish it by this school year so I have something I can put up! (Once I do finish it, I’ll be sure to post a picture of it!)

Today in art class, we went outside to draw a building using charcoal. If I have learned something about myself, it’s that I am very meticulous when it comes to drawing. Oh, and very mechanistic. It’s hard to break that habit =\. So with today’s little assignment, it was hard for me to capture the essence of the entire building because, well, I was just too focused on getting things perfectly down on paper (which didn’t even happen). I didn’t manage to fill up the entire black sheet of paper. Near the end, I just scribbled and shaded as much as I could (and to the best of my abilities), and surprisingly, I realized that the messier/faster I drew, the ‘nicer’ it was. It has a kind of neat effect to it. Here’s a picture of it! This is definitely something I am going to try again!