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I absolutely love summer time when I can wake up at 10:00 AM and just change into my exercise clothes and go for a nice jog at Fish Creek Park. Despite my lack of endurance, I love going for the scenery, the friendly people who pass by and smile/say ‘hi’, and I love feeling my heart muscles working to pump out that blood to the rest of my body. Funny enough, I actually don’t mind working up a huge sweat under the beautiful sun. That’s actually when I feel the best…. working out and being all sweaty and gross. Yes, that’s right. It feels amazing!

Since I’ve been in Edmonton, I haven’t gone jogging outside. In the summer, I joined the World Health gym, and I really like it. I don’t really go to use the equipment, but rather the Zumba classes that they offer! It’s surprisingly very fun and quite easy to follow once you’ve been there a couple of times! I highly recommend it for those who love dancing and working out!

I think since school has started, the only one thing that has kept me sane is working out. Nothing is better than working off all that stress from studying and doing assignments! It just makes everything all better. And I also think that exercising is the one part where I don’t really mind how I look- bangs pinned up and all that. I’m doing it for me, so why bother what everyone else around me thinks about how I look? I guess I bring this point up because at the gym today, I saw a woman who had actually brought her make up and all, and she was putting it on -before- she started working out. What’s the use? I think it’s always best to just not care what anyone thinks and just be yourself. Even if that’s looking all sweaty and gross while working out.

How about you guys? What do you do that makes you feel the best?