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Why do weekends have to be only 2 days, whereas all the other 5 days are dedicated to school/work?! That just doesn’t make sense to me at all… Anyways, this weekend has been one of the busier, better weekends for me since school has started! Don’t worry, it wasn’t busy with school. Oops. My friends came up from Calgary, and we finally got a chance to hang out! =). I love seeing familiar faces in unfamiliar territory. It’s always calming and I often forget that I’m in Edmonton. They came up on Saturday, so we grabbed some lunch and hung out until it was time to go to the Dentoween party at Oilcity. I still can’t believe I went there… I never thought that I would go there! But yes, I did. They’re known for playing country music, but I never really thought it would be that much. Overall though, it was a great time to de-stress, and this is potentially the last ‘free’ weekend before our dreaded final week *gulp*.

On Sunday morning, I was going to head back to their house to cut the cake, but they were all too tired/passed out still. I had lunch with my other friend, and by the time we had finished, they already left unfortunately. But that’s okay, in 2 weeks time I will be back in Calgary! So yes, overall I had an amazing weekend thanks to my wonderful friends. And tomorrow… unfortunately is Monday… which means… back to school. Which means I need to start doing homework since I’ve been busy with other stuff all weekend… must be studious….!!