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With technology being so advanced and popular these days, it’s hard not to go a day without it. I think it has gone to the point where people rely on technology to get them through the day. I for one can admit to that. I carry my phone wherever I go. There isn’t a second in the day when I am separated from my phone for more than a minute. I rely on my phone for everything- my alarm clock, to check my emails, my navigator for when I get lost, my camera, my way of communication, and the list can go on and on.

Right when I get home, I always have to turn on my laptop. Somehow the plan of “go home and study” has turned into “go home… turn on laptop… check my facebook… check out good deals on Groupon/Teambuy (which I have hooked to my e-mails)… [and 30 minutes later] study.” AH! It’s funny because the initial reason of turning on my laptop was to simply listen to music which would accompany my study habits, but somehow I always get sidetracked. Although I must admit, music does help me study… But that’s besides the point. Oh, and remember how I said that my phone never strays from me? It’s always beside me when studying as well. And I have a very bad habit of always having to check it. So I think my goal for this week will be:

While studying, turn my phone on silent and hide it underneath my pillow so I don’t get tempted to check it. And if I feel like I can manage, then my other goal is to not connect to the internet while I’m study (unless of course I absolutely need to). Okay, so let’s hope that this works and that I’ll actually be more productive than with it!