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This week wraps up the fall semester of 2011. It has been nothing short of long hours of studying accumulated with stress, but somehow, we all managed. In the end, no matter the outcome, things always seem to fall into place… just like the little pieces of a puzzle.

The first day of the week started with OSCEs. I remember our very first OSCEs were so intimidating, and it still continues to be, for me, at least. I think it’s the anticipation of knocking on the door, and systematically trying to remember all the things we have to go through within those few short minutes. Before, 8 minutes seemed like a lifetime to me… and I would have difficulty conjuring up the questions or comments to say to the standardized patient. Now? The 8 minutes seem like nothing! Within a blink of an eye, you’re done and you go out there thinking “Did I even introduce myself properly?”

The second day started off with our 8 AM neurology final, which, if I must say, was probably one of the better finals for me. Well, the only really.

Wednesday was our final for the evaluation course, and although she did give us the case study and the potential exam questions before hand, I didn’t feel overly confident about it.

Thursday was the worst day. I felt like as the week went on, not only did my motivation decrease, but along with it my confidence in the final exams. Although I think children and babies are absolutely adorable, studying them is definitely not one of my favorite things. Nor is it my strength. I think even if I had an extra week to study, it wouldn’t really have made any difference. And then there was the reflection, which in the end, didn’t seem like much of a reflection. I honestly had to read the questions 10 times before attempting to even write anything logical.

And today? Well, I’m currently on the bus heading home =). It’s a wonderful feeling I must say. Surprisingly, I’m leaving a place that is cold to a place which is even colder AND has snow!!! What a shock. And I wore flats today. But I deviate. A week ago, I was thinking about how I was ever going to get through the next dreadful week, and now, I am finally done! And despite how well or poor I did on the exams, that really is not the important part. What’s done is done, and there’s no way to change it now.  I love how in the end, everything works out, for the better or for the worse. Thank you, God =)