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I am glad to say that I survived my first week of placement! Of course, it’s only been the first week, but I feel overwhelmed. Then again, that’s not anything particularly new. So my third placement is in neurology at the community accessible rehabilitation, which deals with outpatients who have previously had a stroke or traumatic brain injury. I remember talking to someone who said that neurology was hard, and I can definitely agree to that! There is so much to learn, and with only having really one course about neurology (the introduction to the neuroscience of it all), I came into the placement rather confused. Okay, maybe not just confused, but very unsure about my abilities to contribute to this area.

Where to start?! Let’s start off by talking about my preceptor. All I can say is that she is super nice. She’s so patient with me, and she’s so friendly and nice (not that my other preceptors weren’t). She’s different from the other preceptors I’ve had because she actually talks. A LOT. That’s definitely not a bad thing, because she’s the only preceptor I’ve had (so far) who actually verbalizes her clinical reasoning process!! Hurrah! It makes me go o__O because there’s just SO much information, but it’s good because I can pick at her clinical brain. It’s amazing how she’s so knowledgeable in so many areas despite the fact that she’s a ‘new grad’ (3 years out). It’s funny because I can tell she’s such a Type A (maybe even more so than me!), but I love how she’s very organized. She even made a print out of my schedule for me for the next 2 weeks.

We went over the learning objectives/goals today, and I have quite a few goals in each area. I can already foresee that this placement is going to require more work than the last few, but in a sense I liked how she gave me more goals because it challenges me a lot to improve. I can already tell that there are certain areas I need to improve on!

Aside from my preceptor, all the colleagues there are extremely nice. It’s such a friendly work environment, which is definitely a plus. There are two other PT students there, so it’s definitely busy busy. Somehow that busyness factor is nice to me because it always keeps me on my feet.

I haven’t gotten much to do yet, so right now I’m just trying to engulf as much information as I can into that small little brain of mine. And it’s so true what they say: learning will never stop, even after you’re done school! So much to learn!

Oh yeah, the clients we work with are all amazing. They’re so sweet and so understanding. I can’t wait to get into the meat of this placement and get my hands dirty. But for now, I’m going to give my brain a little rest during the long weekend! Happy Remembrance Day everyone =).