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This morning I woke up to an awful feeling of having things around me spinning round and round. I felt my head spinning, and when I was walking to the washroom, I felt that I was ataxic, to some certain degree. I went back to bed and woke up at 11:30, feeling slightly better.

I was planning to head out tonight with my friends, but because I wanted to be a home body today, I decided to switch it to last night. And let’s say, it was a good choice because later in the day, the snow started to fall. And fall… and fall. It looked so nice out this morning, and little did I notice how heavy it started to snow until my dad came home later on. It was absolutely stunning. So fluffy. I love the sight of the clean white snow freshly fallen on the ground, not yet shoveled. The stillness of the trees and the quietness of the roads. It was like I was in that beautiful snow globe. With all things around me still except for the elegance of the falling snow. Beautiful.

This afternoon after attempting (but not very successful) to work on my project, I headed downstairs to grab the Christmas tree, the lights, and the ornaments. Because my mom isn’t here at the time being, I decided that I would put it up before she got home; and I did just that. Let’s just say that putting on the Christmas lights is a pain, but I managed. And so with the Christmas tree up and the beautiful winter wonderland outside, I’m definitely glad I stayed home tonight. Stay warm and bundled up!