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I don’t know what it is about me, but I can never seem to get a single art project completely finished!! First it was my tiger drawing (which I still am working on, I haven’t neglected that!), and then my scarf knitting (it’s pretty long I must say, but I still haven’t gotten it to quite the length I want). And then there’s my scrapbook, but that’s an ongoing project of course!

So what’s next on my mind? I saw this neat little project on the Internet and I wanted to do something very similar. Here’s the picture;  but instead of dangling cards on the clothespin, I want to put up my polaroid pictures (with my future polaroid film camera of course that hopefully my mom got me from HK!). I already got the clothespins from the dollar store (one of my favorite places to go to because they have so much variety!). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find regular small clothespins, so I had to make do with ones that had flowers on them. Initially, I wanted to take them off, and I did try, but I decided that maybe I should keep it and take a more ‘spring’ approach to this craft. I repainted the clothespins a different color, and now I’m just waiting on the polaroid camera! ❤ Here are the clothespins I bought; a pack of 12 for only $1!

Now, my next project after I’ll be done this one is to make myself a magnetic agenda board. I’m hoping after I do my Christmas shopping tomorrow to go to Michaels craft store and try to find some of those transparent beads and what not! Yes, so those are my craft ideas for the 3 weeks of Christmas! ❤