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I was talking to my friend earlier today about the things that get me super excited. Just a heads up, it’s not a very ‘exciting’ list in terms of what is on it, but sadly, yes, these are things that make me go “Yay!” so here it goes. Ready?

1. Agendas/Calendars- I swear I use 3 agendas to make me feel organized despite how I may not actually be so in reality.

2. Post it notes- I absolutely love writing things on these colorful pieces of paper that stick to anything and everything.

3. School supplies/stationary

4. Art supply shopping- Perhaps it is because of the upcoming cold wintery season where my crafty side starts to come out. You can do it in the comforts of your home, with Christmas music playing in the background, and having a nice warm lit candle beside you. And, not to mention, time flies by so fast when you’re making crafts! Today I went shopping with my friend at Chinook and I swear we spent 90% of the time either at Chapters looking for books or at Zellers and the Calendar Club. I then went to Michaels because they had a ‘50% off one item’ coupon that only lasted for these two days. To my surprise, they had a bunch of great sales going on for other things! So… I spent a lot of money there. Here’s what I bought! To the very left is a glitter stamping starter kit, and then I bought wooden alphabet letter stamps (because I absolutely -hate- buying letter stickers since I only end up using half the letters and go buy a new one because I’m missing some letters), and then I bought some white glass gems to make those magnets! I’m pretty excited to start my art projects after placement is over! Speaking of which, I made a card for my preceptor. I used the glitter stamp set, but it didn’t turn out as successful as I had anticipated. I’m wondering if it’s because of the glue, or if it’s because of my technique.

Anyways, this morning I got up to make some magnets! I wish they had slightly bigger gems, but I guess these ones will do for now!

I should have bought stronger magnets to stick on the back because they’re not very strong. These will do though! I hope they stay onto the magnetic boards I have back in Edmonton. These are just practice ones so that when I actually make them for my friends, they will look slightly better than these!