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So yesterday I went over to my friend’s house because she insisted I help her make a cheesecake for her friend. I’ve never made a cheesecake before, but she found a nice simple recipe from kraft canada’s website. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to really see the end product nor taste it, but from the looks of what I saw before I left, I must say, I was pretty proud of us. Sometimes though, it’s better not to know what goes in to make the final delicious product! haha. It required 5 packages of Philly cream cheese along with one cup of sugar! Yikes. My friend said the crust was a bit too moist so it started to crumble when she took it out of the pan.

I think our next baking adventure will be yet another cheesecake- one for her other friend (we’re going to make the same one as before) and I want to make mini chocolate cheesecake! =D. Yummy. Wish us luck!