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What a better way to spend an afternoon than with a friend in the kitchen! This time, our baking adventure yielded 12 delicious mini white chocolate raspberry cheesecakes and we attempted making macaroons for the second time. We used the Martha Stewart recipe this time, and used the chocolate buttercream filling for the macaroons. I’m happy to say that all the macaroons this time developed tiny little feet (Yay!), however, they were still hollow!! So if anyone knows the reason why, could you please let me know?! The funny part was… that at the end of the macaroon attempt #2, it only yielded us each with 4 macaroons to keep (we ate about 4 in total along with these 4). That’s because the first batch was brown (and we joked about how it looked like a hamburger) and then the other batch was completely hollow, so we decided to chuck it all out, sadly enough.

Overall though, I was very pleased with our mini chocolate cheesecake! Here’s the recipe for it that we used:


We couldn’t really taste the white chocolate though, although putting in the raspberry in the middle was delectable! =). Definitely worth a try if you’re a cheesecake fan. It most definitely tasted like the ones you can get at the Cheesecake Cafe/Factory. That’s it for my baking adventures for today! Happy eating everyone =).