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I cannot believe that almost two full weeks of Christmas break has already flown by! It has been filled with lots of eating, sleeping, and well, more eating of course! Today I decided that I should start working on my way overdue project (yes, unfortunately, it is for school…), but to reward myself, I went to Wal-Mart to gather ingredients to make Gingerbread cookies! I remember this was the very first recipe my friend and I tried together, which started our baking dates! I can’t quite remember which recipe we used the first time around, but this time, I used the recipe from the Joy of Baking website. It has such wonderful mix of spices, which is perfect with a nice green tea =). The batter was a little dry though so it was very crumbly and a slight pain to mould with. But for the next batch of batter, I added a bit more water, so hopefully when I make it tomorrow it won’t be as dry!

I also went to Michael’s today to check out some of the sales they might have during boxing day, and let me say, I did not come out empty handed. But perhaps I shall blog about that another day! But going back to baking, I found this one recipe that I want to try, and that is… green tea chocolate chip cookies! YUM! I can’t believe this idea/concept hasn’t come into my head sooner! I guess I must have to wait for another day to bake this…