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Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to embrace the warm welcoming of 2012 (quite literally actually since the weather has been beyond decent! It feels like spring…)! I remember I was sitting at my friend’s house one night watching TV before Christmas, and we were discussing what we were doing last year on New Year’s Eve. It all came back to us. That one night. But oddly enough, it seemed like forever ago. I was questioning whether or not that was 2011 or 2010, but yes, it was 2011. Do you ever get that feeling? You recall that it happened, but you can’t exactly pinpoint the time of when it happened? That’s how I feel with things that happened in 2011. In hindsight, I’m quite sure I couldn’t tell you the exact highlights of 2011, and all the events are blurred together into one. But I can tell you this. That it went by way too fast. And I know for a fact that this year is going to fly by as well!

I remember when I was young, I pondered about having a time machine to bring me to the future. To just speed things up so that I could get to the high points in life. Like growing up. Or being all settled into a career without having to go through the torturous years of schooling that is required. But in retrospect, life is like a time machine. Things are flying by before my mind can begin to even process what is happening. When I see kids playing on the playground, I wish that I could tell them to not grow up so fast, because soon, they’ll want a machine that slows time rather than speeding it up…


Of course with a new year, comes the many resolutions that may or may not be achievable, and may or may not be realistic. But hey, one can try, right? So here are mine!

1. To cherish every moment I have with the people who are in my life.

2. To take a little time out of every day to reflect upon the beautiful gifts that God has so graciously given to me.

3. It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown, so why not smile a little more?

4. To live a healthier lifestyle!

So there it is! I’ve been keeping up with them pretty well so far, but mind you, it is only January 3rd. On another note, I started off my year by watching the Beauty and the Beast musical/broadway and it was amazing! It was also my very first broadway show that I’ve been to, but definitely not my last. I regret not going to see Wicked! Anyways, I hope you guys all had a great Christmas break and a Happy New Year! =).