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Hurrah to the last final semester! It’s sad though that although this is the first week of a new semester, I feel confused… but then again, when was I ever not in that state?! I cannot believe that there are only 3 months left of my academic career in a classroom. As an organized neat freak, I got everything all ready to go; my notes, writing down my due dates in my icalendar, my agenda, and my new student organizer agenda on the wall. But despite all this organization of things that need to be done for school, I can’t help but -still- be confused. Don’t you hate that feeling?! I think I spend more time trying to organize than actually doing homework. But hey, it’s satisfying still. This semester, I know what projects I need to complete, but it’s a matter of when to even start them… Maybe that’s why I feel so lost.

But regardless, thank goodness for ZUMBA! I love it. And this semester, being my last in Edmonton, the gym is offering zumba on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… AND Thursday!! I’m so excited that it’s so often, so my definite de-stress place will be Zumba! =). And Tim Hortons of course. It’s funny how in the first year of the program, my ‘study’ place was at the library… which then evolved into being at home in my dorm, and then evolved into going to a cafe, but then that costed too much, so now, my ‘study’ place, is… at the laundromat in my building. How funny haha. But it’s super warm in there! Anyways, I hope you all are having a great start to the new year!