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Sometimes I absolutely hate taking transit because it can get so crowded. And there may be the occasion encounter with people who may make you feel uncomfortable. But then there are those days where sometimes, you just can’t help but smile. And that was what I had yesterday!

I was on the train with my friend going to the mall, and sitting across from me was this cute, older Chinese man who was carrying a plant of some sort and he said “hi” to the woman sitting across from him. I took a quick glance, and we exchanged smiles and he said “Hello 🙂 Happy Chinese New Year (in Chinese)” and somehow, that just made me all warm inside (which was definitely needed since these days feel like -40 outside!). A couple stops later, he got up, and as he was about to leave, we exchanged another smile and he said “Happy Chinese New Year” to me again, which I then decided to say “I wish you good health” And then we exchanged a few more words and we parted ways.

I absolutely love those occasional encounters with people that may be so time limited, but so heart-warming… and it just brightens up my entire day! Smiles are infectious, so go and spread your beautiful smile to someone! =)