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As children, we were reliant on our parents to tell us right from wrong, good and bad. To help us feel better when we were sick, and to pull that band-aid off when we were too afraid to do it ourselves. And as we get older, the onus was on us, as growing adults, to rely more on ourselves.


There’s that saying- birds of a feather flock together. I think this is especially true for girls. I never noticed until someone made a comment about how girls do almost everything together, even going to the washroom. And yes, it is quite true. Because I was one of them. Throughout High School and the first two years of University, I was very reliant on my friends. They were the ones I studied with, laughed with, cried with, and joked with. I think it came to the point where I was becoming -too- reliant on them, and perhaps slightly unhealthy. I decided that perhaps it was time to start becoming a little independent, and so in my last two years of University, I took separate classes from my friends. It ultimately paid off because I needed to count on myself, and I succeeded.

I eventually moved away from home to go to a different University, and it forced me to really take care of myself, independently. Yet at the same time, I still relied on certain people like my friends. I relied so much on my friends to give me that support and happiness, and when I moved away, the aspects of talking to friends that once used to be done so naturally and easy, slowly became more of a responsibility amidst the hectic thing we called life.

It’s amazing how words can affect the route to which a conversation can envelope. If you don’t ask the right question, you might not get that anticipated response. But when it comes to friendships, do I need to rely on others to ‘ask the right question’ for me to truly speak what is on my mind?