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I remember as children, making friends would be so easy. It could be the buddy you sat beside during the seating arrangements in elementary school, or someone who shared their candy with you during lunch hour.

But as we grow older, I find that making friends becomes much more difficult. I realize now that not everyone can be trusted with things that you tell them, or perhaps they may want to be your friends for ulterior motives. Or perhaps you think that they are your friends, only to realize that all along they’ve been thinking otherwise of you… it’s so hard to find a true friend. Someone who truly cares. Someone who can just be themselves. Someone who is genuine.


It’s that genuineness of the friendship that makes it so hard to find. I would rather  have 1 or 2 meaningful friendships than having several friendships that skim over the surface; quality over quantity. It’s amazing when the friendship can break away from the surface. I think it’s very rare to have a friendship where you can talk about anything and everything… talking about your deepest, darkest secrets, to things that can make absolutely no sense at all (and I’m pretty sure people listening from the outside are laughing and going ‘what the heck are they talking about. These people are crazzyyyy’). It’s such an amazing feeling.

I grew up believing that friends bring out the best in you. But I kind of have a different view on it now. Yes friends do bring out the best in you…

but they also bring out the -real- you. 

Bringing out the you who doesn’t have to pretend to be anyone else. Bringing out the person who can be comfortable in their own skin. Whether that means being silly, funny, or even stupid. So go ahead and be yourself. Worry less about what others think of you… because chances are, they probably haven’t taken the time to understand, know, or appreciate you.