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Do you ever get those days where minutes feels like hours, and a day feels like a week? And then there are those days where nothing just seems to go the way you want/expect… and days where you wish it never happened. And then there are days where I wish I could store in a nice little snow globe, in it’s perfect, untouched world. But every day is a new day, and with it comes something different; it’s own challenges and rewards, despite how it might not be so apparent at the time.


On my few days home for reading week, another ‘craft’ idea popped into my head. Of course you guys all know my crazy love for sticky notes … and I cannot believe that I have not started this project sooner! So I’ve decided for this project to write nice inspirational quotes on my colorful sticky notes, because well, when those ‘bad’ days do come, I have something to look up to and smile at! Because nothing beats a smile to break the roughness of the day! And of course, as a motivation to keep on trucking!