The me two years ago was ecstatic, because my 4 years of University was finally coming to an end! No more writing labs, no more having to study my butt off for finals and midterms, and just… well, no more school! But then there was that smack into reality when I found out that I really had no direct plan just yet. Was I going to officially get shipped out into the workforce with my degree that seems so general?! Or was I going to be accepted into my program that I applied to in January? Well, lo and behold, I got accepted into the program and 2 years later, here I am… concluding the program! Today was the last day of official classes, and I can’t quite explain what I was feeling… It was so relieving that everything was all done (group work, our proposal pitch, etc. minus our 3 finals) and then it hit me- today was officially -the last- day of classes. EVER. After 18 years of schooling, I have reached nearly the end point. And it was kind of sad actually (I know eh!)

I must admit, my application into Occupational Therapy was more of a 2nd choice. And quite honestly, I had no clue what the heck it was really, nor what I was going to get myself into. But man, these two years have been amazing. I don’t regret it. I remember the very first day of official classes. I was cramped in a room downstairs with all these plinths, and the prof was making us do a worksheet about a C5 spinal cord injury client… I remember reading the worksheet going “Scapula?! Deltoids?! What are all these ridiculous terms?! How the heck do I know any of this?! How do OTs help?! I don’t even know what an OT does… GAH!” and I remember the many times of me whining “why can’t they do anything more practical in school? This seems pointless” But here I am. Here we are. We made it! It’s amazing how much we have learned and grown throughout these two short years of our program, despite the fact that we still feel uncomfortable with certain things as future OTs. But that will definitely come with experience. I never knew that not only would I learn more about occupational therapy, but that the program would affect me so much… in a good way. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a health care professional, but not exactly which one. And now, that picture of the ‘future me’ is starting to become a little less blurry. This program has given me so much insight and knowledge into this area, and it’ll only keep expanding. I just hope that one day in the future, I can contribute what I’ve learned, to society. All the hard work has paid off! Now… onwards!