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I always like to joke around that because I was born around dinner, that’s the reason why I absolutely love to eat! You know that phrase where it goes “Do you eat to live or live to eat?” and I think I’m definitely leaning more towards the latter. Aside from my cookie monster personality, there’s one staple food that I cannot resist. Every time my friend and I go out, we always always always resort to… SUSHI. There’s something about it that is so irresistible. My one friend had introduced me to this one sushi place in Calgary, which is amazing by the way! It’s a fusion restaurant, so it’s definitely one of a kind! You guys definitely must check it out if you guys ever get a chance to go to Calgary. It’s called El’s fusion restaurant. My favorite? The kiwi sushi (it’s the one on the very left hand side of the picture). Perfected with kiwi and their special house sauce with scallop, this sushi is to die for! How about you guys? What food  do you always go back to? =) Happy eating everyone!