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Regardless of whether your day has been filled with snow, sunshine, stress, or relaxation, it’s always nice to take some time and enjoy someone’s company in a nice cozy cafe! To sit down and talk for 2 hours straight while sipping on a nice latte with a beautiful foam design and a scrumptious pastry on the side. Talking about boys, of life, of a career, and of all the potential books to read over the summer days. It never ends!

I think I’ve decided that this summer, instead of taking the indoor, sedentary life, I’m going to take a more scenic, outdoor route. I want to explore more nice cozy cafes (like the one we were in today!), and go to Farmer’s Markets and go pick berries at a farm! And of course, do my usual routine jog in the lovely park. Ah, and read lots of good books. I was never a big book worm, but I think I am definitely reading more now!

I’m currently reading the Hunger Games Trilogy, and let me say,  I cannot put it down (despite my sluggish reading speed)! My friend suggested several books, which I will definitely get into during the summer! I can’t wait. For some odd reason, I love the prospect of sitting down with a good book, and getting the satisfaction from flipping the pages, slowly as I read, word for word, line by line… slowly sinking into the plot and running with my imagination as the book leads me. If anyone has any good book recommendations, please feel free to drop a line! =). Until then, happy Spring everyone!