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I think this has been the first time between any placements where we’ve gotten more than a weekend off. Make that 10 days! And of course, I went home to spend it in my lovely bed (which doesn’t make my back sore!) and got to take a little time to myself. Aside from that, I got to catch up with some friends, which was a good balance between quiet time to myself and socializing.

But, I am unfortunately back in Edmonton, where tomorrow will be the first day of my 4th placement! Time goes by so fast. I keep thinking that this is only my 2nd placement, when in reality, it’s my 2nd last placement!! This one is an independent community placement, so we have more freedom to do what we want, but at the same time, I’m hoping that it’ll be the just right challenge. Of course with every placement, I’m always a little reluctant to start because really, who doesn’t want more time to relax?! But I have a feeling that these 6 weeks will fly by and by the time I know… I’ll be blogging about the last day soon!!! But now that school is over though, I don’t have any excuse to not work on my dreaded paper (which must not be named!)… but the prospect of me jogging with the hot sun shining down on me keeps me going!! Did I tell you…

I can’t wait for summer? =)