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I would consider myself to be more on the reserved side, someone who has an opinion, but would mostly rather keep it inside. But after last year having taken the social justice module, it really has motivated me to be more concerned about the topic. And now that I’m on placement, I can definitely see the potential for advocacy in this department. With reduced funding to programs, there has been rumor going around that it may close. If I heard about this 2 weeks ago, I probably would have just read about it, and moved on with my life. But now that I’ve personally had experience with this program, I can see the importance and value that it has to each and every single person who walks through those doors. They have a place to call their own; a place where they are safe and not judged; a place where they can be respected, and not looked down upon; a place to become empowered; a place to just be ‘normal’. This program offers such a unique experience where they probably could not find elsewhere. With the election coming up, I think this would be an amazing opportunity to ask questions and to get in touch with all the MLAs and the ministers and premiere. It probably isn’t much, but a little step is still a step into the right direction. Within these few short days of my placement at this program, I have become so inspired by these people and by the program, which is where advocacy comes in! In my 23 years, I have never once written a letter of any sort to legislature, but hey, there’s a first for everything! Let’s hope they read it and put it into action.