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I really should keep a log of what my parents say, because sometimes, I don’t know whether to hide or laugh out loud. With my dad, he’s funny because he doesn’t attempt to be funny. So today after placement, I received a text message from him saying that he now installed an app on his phone where he talks and it gets typed into his text.

My reply: “Really? You mean the program actually understands your poor english?!”

His reply: “Well I guess my english kowloon I will see if he’s not expect to get this to it she don’t forget that I have total 600 at 1 time better than you lots honey miami heat it is a long time ago tofu not total absinthe your mom is laughing at me now bye bye”

My mom tried to use the program as well, and her text was: “The hawaii trip hawaii is it going elite your toiletry bag is it going matthew get your toy joy betty’s people wait next exit get your car but you’ll see if it fits suck but you see if your pc’s suck but you”

And after that text, I just had a really good laugh and I was reminded of why I love my parents. Gotta get some laughter somewhere! =)