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I cannot believe that I am half way done my 4th placement! Time goes by fast, huh? I’ve been enjoying my time here; the people are amazingly nice/sweet and easy to connect with and they’re funny; I love to play Crib during social rec hours (I haven’t gotten skunked yet!); and wait for it—– they have food for decent prices AND they get free Starbucks pastries every Tuesday and Thursday. Yup, I think that just did it right there. We can stop at “free” Starbucks pastries… haha.

But that’s besides the point! I think if there’s one thing I really learned this week, is that there is always two sides to a story. There’s your interpretation and then there’s someone else’s. Do you know that saying where it goes something along the lines of “walk 1000 miles in someone else’s shoes”? Well, initially, there was a man there who I would easily get frustrated with… and I already knew that it was very unprofessional of me to be passing judgment like that. But then when we did the interview with him, my mind took a complete 180. It was then that I really understood the reason of why we have to stop and listen to someone’s story. Because really, how can you really know who they are and what they do, if you don’t even take the time to sit down and get to listen and understand them?

Anyways, that was definitely my lesson of the week. Definitely put things into perspective for me.