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I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “creative” person when it comes to originality or thinking of interesting and fun icebreakers or games in general. So when it came time for my partner and I to think of a game to do during our workshops, it was definitely a bit of a struggle for me. Just yesterday we had done our motivational workshop, and I’m surprised at the great turnout! The people had such amazing ideas for brainstorming barriers and solutions, and they had fun with the game! Hurrah! We ended up doing something very similar to Wheel of Fortune where there were 4 quadrants: T/F, Multiple Choice Question, Role playing, and Surprise. Instead of making our own spinner, we actually found a scissor rack, so we just stuck a pair of scissors in there, and just got them to spin it. Anyways, everyone seemed to enjoy the game!

We just started to plan our goal setting workshop for next week, and I must say, I’m pretty motivated to play the game! We’re planning to do a “sunshine card game” where everyone will have a card, and they write their name in the middle of it and draw a sun around their name. They then pass their cards to the person next to them, and that person has to write something positive or some asset of that person. After they are done, they keep passing it on around the circle, until everyone has written something down on that person’s card. That way, they have a card that they can always keep around them (either in their wallets or put it somewhere in their home) that they can look at for positive affirmation! So often times we may not have that confidence or the self-efficacy, which may hinder so many things that we do day to day. And this is such a great way to just remind yourself that -you- can do it if you put your mind to it. Talk about positive encouragement!