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So here’s a poem I wrote from a while ago when I was feeling a little down, but I never really had the time or courage I guess to post it. So here it goes:

As the sun rises and I awaken, I am thankful for being alive.

When the sun sets and I lie in bed, I am grateful for the day.

But with each passing day, my heart yearns for something more…

Yet I cannot seem to figure it out.

With each passing day, I ask myself, “Where has all the time gone?” and somehow

I feel empty. Thirsty. Longing. For something. For someone.

A bump along the road stops me in my tracks and I fall down.

Darkness envelops me, and I am lost.


The silence deafens me. The darkness blinds me.

But it is now that I see you. Your Grace. Your Love.

My love.

I am afraid, yet I reach out my hand longing to touch you.

When everything collapses around me, you are still.

And ever so present.

Where have you been all my life? But you tell me this:

‘With each passing day, I am right beside you, yet you neglect my presence.

With each passing day, I perform miracles, yet you mistaken them for something other.

With each passing day, I send you love gifts, yet you fail to

open your eyes and heart to receive them.

My beauty and love surrounds you, yet you are too busy to take notice.’

It is only when I stumble and fall when I feel you holding me.

My eyes and ears are open and I realize how I have longed for


Yes. It is you whom I have been searching for.

You are the air that I breathe. You are the beauty of everything standing before me… surrounding me.

Every second. Every minute. With each passing day,

You are always with me. And I am whole.