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I learned a new craft that is quick and easy to do! All you need is white corn syrup and some food coloring. You first fold up a piece of paper (preferably manilla type of paper) and then draw half of the shape that you want (i.e. heart, butterfly, etc.). You then cut it out, and sparingly drizzle white corn syrup all over it. Then you add in a couple drops of food coloring (right on the beads of the corn syrup). Make sure you figure out where you would like the colors, because if you don’t want the colors to mix too dark, then you have to be careful as to where you place your colors. Then you put a long string in the middle (but leaving 3 inches or so out to dangle once folded), fold the sheet of paper, and start twirling the piece of string that is hanging out of your artwork. You can twist/move the string as much as you want back and forth (to help mix the colors around!). And then after you can take it out and unfold your piece of paper, and ta da! It will take about 1-2 days to dry though.

What’s so wonderful about this craft is that each and every design comes out differently because of the way the colors are mixed! =). For instance, the picture above, I made mine into a heart shape, and the colors turned out wonderfully; it looks like the bottom there are petals growing out and the non-colored part resembles a heart!