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I went to the City Centre Farmer’s Market last weekend with my friend, and I found an ‘inspirational quote’ kiosk that was pretty neat. You can definitely do this on your own! They had a jar, for different occasions (like new baby, workplace health, etc.), and in it were filled with a bunch of quotes and chocolate. Since it was near Mother’s day, I thought, what the heck, instead of paying $30.00 for a gift, I can make this myself (and make it more personal as well)! So off I went to my favorite store to find craft appliances (by favorite store I really mean to say dollar store!). I luckily found a jar that had those metal frames for the handles (which are quite nice actually!) for only $1.25. The lady said she bought her jar at Ikea for $15. Anyways, I went to buy my own stickers and what not, and decorated the jar silly with it. Then time for the truly personal stuff. The quotes… I added some inspirational quotes, but the rest I made them into origami and wrote down little memories that I thought were pretty memorable. It’s a great gift idea for any of those that love to go the DIY route! =)