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I must admit, the only dreams I’ve been remembering lately are about me eating. I think my stomach has definitely taken a toll on my brain. This morning, I literally had a dream of “gluttony”. You know the typical scary movie scenes when the person goes to wash their face, and right when they look up at the mirror, they see a ghost or something? Well, that was kind of my dream… except I was washing my face, and when I looked up, I saw the ‘gluttonous’ version of me! I think it’s a sign. haha. Anyways, I digress… okay, maybe just a little.

So today my friends and I took a trip to the Farmer’s Market! I am starting to really love this place. This market was definitely centered around food. Anyways, we bought 4 simple simon pies and split it, which were very savory! And then of course, there was always room for dessert. So my friend and I bought macarons (go figure!) and a crepe to split. The macarons weren’t really that good though because a.) it was still cold from the fridge and b.) the flavors were too artificial. The ones from Yan Patisserie were deicious! Here’s a picture of those ones (the passionfruit one-yellow- was the best!). Overall, it was a great time catching up with friends and eating scrumptious desserts and pies =). And oh yeah, it was great waking up to sunshine when the weather forecast had predicted rain and snow! Happy long weekend everyone!