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I had some catch up time with an old high school friend today, and it was rather refreshing. If there’s one thing I like about growing up, it’s this: catching up with friends and talking about our lives… the different paths that we are on and how yet, we are still able to sit down at a table having some lunch and having a good laugh. I would say I haven’t hung out with this friend for about a year now, but that was in a group setting, so never really had true 1:1 time. I think I would prefer more 1:1 time because it’s more personal. Anyways, it’s amazing to hear about his travel stories, and how eye opening it was for him. He’s definitely changed a lot. He’s more open, sociable, and outgoing. I’m really inspired to see  how he’s aspiring to follow and find his dreams despite the fact that he already has a degree. He says he wants to have a job in maybe the medical field because he wants to really help people… and it’s all through the interactions he’s made through the new friends he met. I’m really happy for where he is right now because he’s not afraid to take that step to do something that will truly make him happy.

It’s amazing to get together with old friends after some time, because you realize all the change that has happened. You notice how different we all were a year ago, and yet, we can still hang out like old friends. Those things just don’t change. We still make fun of each other. We both came to the same conclusion.. if we make fun of you, then you know we consider you as a friend because we wouldn’t make fun of people who we aren’t familiar with. Sounds funny and stupid, but it’s actually quite true! I had a great time catching up with him over some viet subs and sipping on bubble tea while sitting by the river side. Who says Mondays are always horrible? I even got a jog in after I came home! Great start to the week. Hope it is for you too! =)